Current In-Season Crops (May 2020)

Current In-Season Crops (May 2020)

When we talked with customers, we found that one of the biggest reasons they didn’t buy locally grown food, was it was too difficult to keep up with what produce was or wasn’t in season. Without adequate warning, people found it difficult to plan meals.

So I thought we’d share a little information about what produce is in season now and what is coming into season as Winter approaches. Take this as a rough guide, but the best way to keep on track of what is in season, is by watching to see what is available on our platform or at your local farmers market. We’ve highlighted the crops coming OUT of season in orange and the crops coming INTO season in green. Any fruit or vegetables that are coloured black shouldn’t change in availability anytime soon.



Apples                                Avocadoes                            Bananas
Berries                               Cucamelon                  Custard Apples
Dates                                    Grapes                              Grapefruit
Kiwifruit                                 Lemons                            Mandarins
Nashi pears                          Oranges                               Papples
Passionfruit                             Pears                          Persimmons
Plums                               Pomegranates                          Pomelo
     and Fingerlimes (if you can get your hands on them).

                          Fingerlimes in season now may 2020 aggie global



    Artichokes*                          Bok Choy                                 Beans
    Beetroot                               Broccoli                   Brussel Sprouts 
    Cabbages                           Capsicum                                Carrots
    Cauliflower                            Celery                               Chestnuts
    Chillies                               Eggplants                                 Fennel
    Ginger                                    Kale                                    Kohlrabi
    Leeks                                   Lettuce**                      Mushrooms**
    Okra                                      Onions                                  Parsley
    Parsnips                                Pecans                               Potatoes
    Pumpkins                              Radish                                Rhubarb
    Silverbeet                             Spinach                                  Swede
    Sweet Potatoes                 Swiss Chard                         Tomatoes

     *Dependant on Variety

    **Dependant on Production method

    Spiced apple recipe from sydney markets Aggie Global share for what is in season may 2020



    If you are looking for some inspiration on how to cook some of the above foods, check out our “Food Inspiration”  board on Pinterest. We try to pass on any recipes or meals we see that use locally grown produce here.

    Hope this list of seasonal produce helps you plan your meals to buy locally grown produce and support our Aussie Farmers.