Welcome to Garlicious® Grown

Garlicious® Grown was created by Jenny and Cathy 4 years ago, to bring high-quality, gourmet black garlic cloves and black garlic powder products to consumers.

Jenny and Cathy have worked hard to win numerous well-known awards for their black garlic, and are HACCP certified. Jenny and Cathy focus on supplying to the wholesale market, food services and direct to customers, but are excited to see how they could supply to new customers through gift boxes containing unique Aussie Foods.

Garlicious® Grown uses no chemicals to grow their crops, by implementing no till and permaculture techniques to foster healthy soils and environments. Jenny and Cathy also use their food scraps to produce compost and worm tea, to promote healthy biome in their soils. Through these integrated techniques that reuse waste, they have created productive farmland on their 2 farms in Braidwood, NSW.

Jenny and Cathy aspire to show their children that success comes from hard-work. Although raising a home and a business can be difficult to balance, their hard work is paying off with Garlicious® Grown.

Visit their website for more information on their unique Black Garlic:  Garlicious® Grown Website.

More about Cathy and Jenny

  • Favourite Food: Black garlic spread over a gorgeous steak.
  • Favourite Part of Farming: Producing great food and being able to enjoy it.
  • The place they want to travel to most: North America, to see the black garlic producers there.
  • Goals for the Farm: Expanding our storage to keep up with production and demand! We would also love to expand our sales to gift boxes given our shelf stable, long-shelf life range.

Our farm

  • Location: Braidwood, NSW
  • Specialty: Black Garlic
  • Workers:2

Our people

  • Cathy Owen
  • Jenny Daniher