Welcome to Herbs of Life

Herbs of Life produces kombucha and sauerkraut in The Blue Mountains. Daniel Bucca is the owner and operator who makes his products every day, to ensure a constant supply of handmade saurkraut and kombucha. All products are made from locally sourced, certified organic cabbage and ingredients.

In 2012, Daniel started Herbs of Life because he has a passion for healthy living. He strives to create healthy food options in an environmentally friendly way. He loves doing what he does and working with locally grown ingredients. In buying local, he also reduces his carbon footprint, making it a win win situation!

For this family run business, the biggest challenge they face is the regulations, or lack there of, within their industry. Without strict regulations in place, many producers of saukraet and kombucha make similar products, however they lack the authenticity of the traditional taste and methods.

Saurkraut and Kombucha production is immensely interesting and something that Daniel wants to share. If you want to do a farm tour and talk to Daniel directly, visit the herbs of life website here.

More about Daniel

  • The place Daniel wants to travel to most: South East Asia and Africa. Daniel wants to see and experience the diverse culture and people in these countries. He wants to discover how they live their lives sustainably and with longevity.
  • Goals for the Farm: To create a range of healthy foods for his customers so he can grow his production to hire and support local community members./li>

Our farm

  • Location: Lawson, NSW
  • Speciality: Kombucha and Sauerkraut
  • Workers: 1

Our people

  • Daniel Bucca
    Owner and Operator