Welcome to Indigiearth

Indigiearth is a 100% Aboriginal owned Australian company, which is rare when you consider 99% of commercial Bushfoods are produced by non-Indigenous people. Sharon Winsor founded Indigiearth to share her passion for Aborignal food in it’s purest form.

To do this, Sharon sources native Australian foods from Aboriginal communities across Australia, using traditional land management practices that respect the land.


Sharon, like Aggie Global, is passionate about forming connections, with a particular focus on connecting Aboriginal culture and heritage through native foods.

With formal chef training, Sharon has created unique ways to use BushFoods in her meals, creating further opportunity for herself and Aboriginal communities. Sharon is working with Aggie Global to help raise awareness about Indigiearth and boost incomes for Indigenous communities in remote areas.

Visit their website for more information on how Indigiearth operates and why:  Indigiearth.

Our farm

  • Location: Mudgee, NSW
  • Specialty: Indigenous harvested BushFoods
  • Workers: 1+ communities

Our people

  • Sharon Winsor
  • Indigenous Community Members
  • Chris Killeen
Bush Tomato Chutney Bush Tomato Chutney
Bush Tomato Chutney Indigiearth
Aniseed Myrtle Aniseed Myrtle
Aniseed Myrtle Indigiearth
Wild Peach Chutney Wild Peach Chutney
Wild Peach Chutney Indigiearth
Outback Prarie Dust Outback Prarie Dust
Outback Prarie Dust Indigiearth