Welcome to Melbourne Bushfoods

In 2018, while studying at university, Hayden decided to write an article about Australian food. This led him to discover that Finger Limes are only one of over 6,500 native Australian plants that Indigenous communities eat. After hearing this, Hayden dropped out of his journalism degree and devoted himself to bringing bushfoods to tables across Australia. To this day Hayden is on a mission to grow Australia's bushfood industry and to bring Indigenous culture to life, through community connections and food.

Through Melbourne Bushfoods, Hayden provides a variety of sustainably sourced and made products for his growing community. He has partnered with a French Chocalatier who has helped him perfect the balance and blend of flavours of his bushfood chocolate bars. Melbourne bushfoods also has a variety of dried and value added bushfoods available for purchase.

Hayden is extremely passionate about Australia's bushfoods and how we can make a positive social impact for Indigenous communities by sourcing food sustainably. Not only that, but many Australian natives are classified as Superfoods due to their high nutritional content, which is another reason Hayden loves using them in his products.

Visit their website for more information about Hayden and Melbourne Bushfoods.

More about Hayden

  • Sourcing of Bushfoods: Hayden is on a mission to source all his products sustainably from Wild Harvestors, Small farmers and especially Aboriginal communities whose knowledge of Australian bushfoods is so key to his work
  • Superfood Fact: Perpperberries have 3x the antioxidants when compared to blueberries
  • Goals for the Business: To provide opportunities in rural and remote Australian economies that strengthen community and a connection to culture.

Our farm

  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria
  • Speciality: Bushfoods & Chocolates
  • Workers: 2

Our people

  • Hayden