Welcome to Ziggy's Wildfoods

Gabriel, the founder of Ziggy's Wildfoods, is on a mission to bring Australian bushfoods to all Aussies in a creative way. He showcases Australia's native bushtucker in a way that makes us rethink and revalue what we as a society deem 'wild'.

Gabriel is a fully-qualified chef who travelled the world to learn first-hand about different cultural approaches to sustainable, organic and biodynamic food production and preservation techniques. Gabriel settled on fermented products and is now back in Sydney, experimenting with our local native foods.

Visit Ziggy's website for more information on how Gabriel started Ziggy's and why:  Ziggy's Wildfoods.

More about Gabriel

  • Travelling Experience: In the past 10years, 7 of these have been working overseas unpaid, just to learn more about different traditional cooking techniques and farming practices.
  • Goals for Ziggy's Wildfoods: To 're-wild' people by casting a new light on what is - and has always been - around us, what is being forgotten, and revaluing what is beneath our feet.

Our kitchen

  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Speciality: Fermented products inspired by Australian Bushfoods
  • Workers: 1

Our people

  • Gabriel
    Founder and Chef
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